Make sure she’s comfortable with you pheromones at first, and that you’re already in close proximity to her before any touching happens. Here are some more guidelines on human pheromones: if she’s not comfortable with you yet, your touch will scare her and annoy her. If she’s comfortable with you, she wouldn’t mind your touch, and it will show her that you’re interested and you’re trying to flirt with her. If she’s beginning to like you, she’d love it when you touch her, and she’ll be touching and bumping into you and making herself available for you whenever she gets the chance as pheromones work. As to the location of the touch, the safe places would be on the arms, hands, shoulder, and upper back. Leave the more in mate places for when you are closer and more in mate with her; when she’s 100% comfortable with you and trusts your pheromones. Learn more at and

Remember: Mix up your flirting pheromone techniques, but don’t over-do it else you’ll come out as sleazy or cheesy. Remember to mix up some admiration and compliments, teasing & banter, eye contact, body language, and some touching. Be creative I was watching Room Raiders on TV the other day, and they asked the winner where he’d like to take his girl on the first date… he said “to the movies I guess”. How lame! How boring! How unoriginal! Imagine this, a guy is at a party, and he meets a girl from his college there, and he’s trying to make a conversa on… the party is on fire, the bass is pumping, everybody is dancing and making out… and he says “so do you have any brothers or sisters?”. How lame! How boring! How unoriginal! You get the point. The point is to be creative, different, unique, fun and original pheromones. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas. Go on interesting dates, to places that aren’t so cliché, or do activities that are fun and interesting pheromones. In conversation, say something interesting and creative, not just the boring small talk or cliché questions on pheromone trust. When you start acting and being different with pheromone signals, the girls will remember you! Even with the girls, don’t just get the usual “perfume” or “flowers”, try something more unique . When you are creative, you create unique impressions that last. 9- Be spontaneous Be spontaneous, but not blunt. A girl can tell if you’ve prepared a speech to say to her, and she can tell when you’re being sincere and spontaneous. She can tell if you’ve been looking at her for half an hour and planning your move when you approach her, or if you just saw her and spontaneously decided to come and make your move. A girl would probably reject the guy that’s been obviously planning his move for an hour because she’d probably think he’s a psycho creep or a stalker, and she wouldn’t trust the guy that obviously tells her canned or pre-prepared material, because it’s plain cheesy, creepy, fake or irrelevant, and she can tell if he says it to every girl he meets. So just be spontaneous and improvise. Learn more at