The health of a tree and shrubs is very important. A healthy plant will add to the aesthetic value of your property and save you a lot of costs. A person should hire tree specialists for Three Balmoral to attend to the different needs of their plants.

Trees have a lot of importance and as such they must be well maintained. They increase the aesthetic value of a premise and provide fresh air in the outdoor environment. A poorly maintained plant is at risk of being diseased and falling on people and structures during storms. Poor lightning and overhanging branches are a risk for the security.

Tree specialists undergo training and different qualifications in order to service plants. They provide various essential services such as planting, apply essential fertilizers, trim branches to maintain a healthy look, remove stumps or the whole plant and inspect the plants to give an arborist report. Part of their essential services includes a health assessment of the plant and provision of preventive and curative treatment that may include surgery.

Most companies provide emergency services that run twenty four hours. This service is essential for removal of dangerous plants which are dead or dying. After a storm, they do routine check up to ensure your plant is safe and strong. Additionally, most companies also trim hedges, install lights on the plants, do deep root feeding, remove dangerous plants fall and dismantle your plant.


There are many companies that provide the above services for Three Balmoral project. To access them, a person can ask around for recommendations from people around their circle. Alternatively, they can go through their local yellow pages. They can also conduct an online search to view the websites of companies or online directories. These websites contain information on the rates of the company, services and certification.

It is wise to do a comparison before settling for any particular technician or company. The best way to know how a company operates is by interviewing them. When you contact a company, be sure to ask them about their working experience and qualification. Discuss about their services especially those that apply to your situation. Get a list of local references that you can contact.

There are various documents that you must see before you hire a company. One of them is a business license that allows them to provide their services. Secondly, the technician must be certified by TCIA and ISA. Liability insurance is a must as per the regulations but to be on the safe side ensure that the company provides workers compensation cover too. The company should have an appropriate bonding. They should assure you that their standard operating procedures are as per the Health and Safety Legislation.

Ensure that you are provided with a contract from the company. The document should clearly state the type of work that they are going to do on your property, warranty, cost, safety procedures, duration of the work, type of treatment and payment schedule. During your search, look at the ratings of a company and the testimonials of former clients.

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