Pheromone attraction is amazing. As it happens, because of some decisions and investments you have made, your headgear can do things her headgear cannot. (Some combine this with intense pheromones, but you can probably skip that option.) How many more victories would you aim for, if your every effort led to an absolutely certain gut feeling of success… the feeling of the trophy in your hand, the girl at your side, the crowd roaring its approval for true pheromones? Learn more at and

Please play with the thought that a profoundly useful skill for you to master is that of making yourself feel powerful and triumphant because you are applying new skills of pheromone attraction . Learning Tool: Reminding Designs Have you ever remembered something by picturing something about it? Or remembered something, by first picturing something different, or even factually unrelated, that reminded you of what you wanted to remember how pheromones work? What if you deliberately and systematically now create pheromone cues for the techniques you are choosing to remember? As you go through this course, please do so with a pen and paper. Each time you encounter a new pheromone technique, let yourself make a very simple doodle or diagram that to you in some way reminds you of that technique’s core action. The doodle or diagram need not be “pretty” or “artistic” or elaborate or refined. Learn more at It does not have to be something that would make sense to anyone else. Make the design very simple yet as unique as possible– make it memorable. As you think about the technique and describe its steps and operations to yourself, sketch your design repeatedly with greater pheromones. Now think of the name of the technique, and find some way you can turn its name into a striking-yet-not-necessarily-logically-related image. If the technique is called, for example, The Rinehart Maneuver, you might want to picture a rhino, or the Rhine Maidens, or a rind of a lemon… and then link one of those images to a heart (Or a hart). The less logical and more bizarre the image(s), the more memorable and better. Overlap the images, so seeing one leads to seeing the other, or fuse them into a single image– perhaps a rhino with a heart spraypainted on his side. Having put the name of the technique into an image, overlap that image with that of your personal design. Do this at least ten times, quickly– faster and faster. Do this in such a way that seeing the name-reminding image naturally leads to seeing the action-reminding image. Now mentally attach the name-reminding image to some contextual trigger– imagine the wall mirror behind a bar, or a disco ball, or a cute girl’s forehead. Picture the contextual trigger image being linked to the name-reminding image– do this over and over again, faster and faster. Specifically, you can tap into her headgear and even her nervous systems, so that you can see what she is seeing and feel what her body is feeling. There are two very large boulders ahead of the two of you, and they rest on the ocean floor, some three meters apart. You check what the girl is seeing– and she sees not two boulders, but two blurry masses… actually, three blurry masses