When you choose a provider of HVAC and refrigeration services, pay attention to the following two aspects:
• How they provide technical support;
• How they provide maintenance.
HVAC equipment and refrigeration units are complex enough to be difficult to diagnose and repair if your provider is not experienced enough in such operations. For instance, when a walk in restaurant storage refrigerator stops working, putting your food service business at risk, you should have someone specialized in commercial refrigeration to call, who is capable to diagnose the fault and fix the equipment.
That person should also clean and adjust certain components, and verify the operating conditions. Service calls should be addressed urgently, as your refrigerator must not be offline for a long time.
Maintenance is another keyword to determine how professional your service provider is. By putting a regular maintenance procedure in place, they should be able to detect small problems and fix them before they become generators of major issues.
Regular maintenance has its benefits, like extending the equipment’s life cycle, reducing energy consumption and increasing the unit’s appeal at your point-of-sale. Therefore, a consistent maintenance plan should include repair, technological upgrades, retrofitting and visual improvement of your commercial refrigeration system.