Two Seduction Pheromone Groups: 1 . Women who are slightly dominate with pheromones. 2 . Women who are slightly submissive. Forget all of this PC stuff about equality where seduction is concerned. Women and men are not equal, nor should they be when using human pheromones. We think in different ways, we behave in different ways, and we often have physical differences in human pheromones. When you insist on equal treatment in all aspects of life you are ignoring your own personal strengths and advantages. In seduction being average and equal is a surefire recipe for failure. However, by infusing a slight masculine or feminine dominance dynamic in your seductions you strengthen the creation of this fantasy in the mind of men pheromones. Pheromone Perception is reality. A slightly dominant woman is self-assured and confident and she leads by example. She must take care not to be perceived as domineering or browbeating. Learn more at and So,slightly submissive woman complements her man, makes him feel like he is in charge, and makes him believe he can take on the world. She must maintain her self-respect and not allow her man to abuse her words and walk all over her pheromone output. Dominance Balancing with real pheromones: It can be a tricky task balancing your boldness with your softer side. Setting up a challenge for a guy is good, but if it’s too easy he won’t respect you and if it’s too difficult you’ll be perceived as being cold. He might not even try. Not to mention if you come off as being too aggressive… The Aggressiveness of Being: I remember in college I had crushes on a few black girls and having grown up in a predominately white area the girls fell into the exotic persona category. Some of them were interesting and respectable and others were sexy, yet trashy, but what I was not ready for how brazen a lot of these girls were. At this point I had no idea if it was a cultural thing, the environment I found myself in, or some other thing I was doing subconsciously. Their boldness ranged from simple flirting, to asking me out, and to suggesting I come back to their apartments to “hang out” for an hour or so. As a result I had some quality interactions, though, I was more often taken aback by how dominant they were. I was raised to believe, and up until that point my reality mostly matched this belief, guys asked girls out. Girls didn’t initiate. They didn’t ask you out, no matter how much you wanted them to, and they surly didn’t suggest you sleep with them without even going out on a date. Today girls can, and should, ask out guys they’re interested in dating. But there’s a trick to asking a guy out. How To Ask A Guy Out With Pheromones: When you ask a guy, any guy, he will say he wishes women would be more assertive and ask him out, but when it actually happens he is likely to be so stunned he won’t be able to act. So, what’s a girl to do? Y ou have to lead him, in increasingly less subtle ways guys miss a lot, to making him think he is the one who asked you out when using true pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at