I have
massive value still the romanian girl looked at me very swiftly lots of times.

And i
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option: Text the Lithuanian girl what she is doing tomorrow and setup a meetup
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option:Text the Lithuanian girl and ask if she can give me the romanian girls
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option: Invite them both for the party on friday and escalete on the romanian

The Lithuanian girl would be a easy lay but to transmit to her gf i have no
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Romanian girl i really like her she is cute and artistic and we have had a good
vibe although, she is the kinda girl who makes me happy to be around. I like
her presence.

I wanna
fuck a girl as soon as possible deleted my previous lays wich would meet me if
i wanted and can’t go out until tomorrow or wednesday. My excuses for the long

As i
read this again, i will just do what makes me happy and invite them both or the
romanian girl to the party friday and have a really awesome fun time with her.
Even though i can’t wait to fuck a women haha shit happens.

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probably only get one more chance before you become the next orbiter. You said
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