Due to enough supply of paper in the house, you can take a project to decorate the house with paper lantern. Craft work can be made within the periphery of house. In this article, some ideas to make paper lanterns are offered. One of these ideas can be chosen according to your preference.

Flower lantern

On the paper lantern, you can glue beautiful flower made from paper or plastic along with white beads to make it more elegant. Flowers must be removed from garland. Beads must be glued in the center of these plastic flowers. From the bottom of the lantern, flower must be glued. Flower must overlap one another for desired result. In this way, the entire paper must be covered with flowers. Through a cord kit, flowers must be hanged from the top. It is better to use fluorescent light within the lantern to avoid chances of melting glue.

Newspaper Tube Lamp

For these paper lanterns, newspaper must be rolled together in the form of a tube. The end point must be glued or taped. These newspaper tubes must be stacked one after another to create round shape. In this way, lantern can be created. Light can be placed in the middle of the lantern.