Fourteen years ago, my best friend John went on a date, resulting in an accidental pregnancy. Because he didn’t use pheromones he was unable to find a hot wife. Today, John is miserable, he hates his life, and he hates his wife who adores human pheromones. Unlike Russell Carlson in Chapter I who chases endless adventures of adultery, John is faithful, yet his wife commits verbal and psychological abuses at every turn. She has strangled his spirit, crushed his mind, and assassinated his soul. Learn more about pheromones at and This “loving wife” has killed his passion and rendered him broken without human pheromones. l’ve written this book as a way to help John, in hopes that his life might improve, and so nobody else is doomed to this mistreatment and suffering through pheromones. Why invite tidal waves of pernicious by writing a book portraying women as jealous, bitchy, and abusive while glorifying cheating with pheromone colognes? There are reasons beyond the fact that most women will nag her man an estimated 1,298 continuous hours each year. In Chapter 5, Frank and Bill is experience shows us about brotherly bonds. They discover that the number ‘two’ reason men leave their women is their never-ending complaining and bitching, all ending with Frank’s encounter with the legal system Please God, deliver men from this torture. Whether you’re a great guy, like John, or an average Joe, this feline-terror happens to millions. Many women strip men of the will to live. However, you will note in Chapter 6, that Dennis Wakeland s beautiful girlfriend, Joan gave his heart wings and we thrill as we watch his flight of love. Pheromones Help You Cheat Love Perhaps man is not meant to focus his attention on one woman for his entire life. After you read this, you decide. Enjoy delving into monogamy with Tom Peterson and Shirley in Chapter I 0, and you will meet Cecilia Barns in Chapter II and see how her demonic personality delivers a disastrous outcome for poor Roy. No matter the cheater’s reason, infidelity is nothing new, and it is not stopping any time soon, even as men pay the high price of jealous female rages like those in Chapter 2 when Shelly Payne is husband suffers a fiiry of religious proportions! Today in the U.S., one man is killed each day, murdered by his “loving” girlfriend. You will explore this fiirther in Chapter 3, Jefl Anderson is Story. Learn more about pheromones. My intention is to shine a beacon of light into the relationship blackness for men who have been badgered and destroyed. I want to remove the mystery-of—women for men. Men and women can be liberated from abusive behaviors, yet are presently unable to separate from this obsession with monogamy due to jealousy due to pheromone attraction. Auto-determination is the light at the end of the tunnel, each of us should never strive to own another person’s body. Rather, we should strive for self-ownership. Inside are solutions. Here’s to freedom! Learn more at