Before making love, have your partner lie down comfortably on her back with her eyes closed. Lightly touch this lower abdominal point. As you hold the point, en- courage your partner to expand her belly with each inhalation. Ever so slowly increase your finger pressure at this point, while your other hand holds the lower back, strokes the breast and nipples, and then caresses the genital region. Stay on the Gate of Origin point for a while. You may begin to feel a pulsation there. This beneficial sign indicates that energy is flowing through the point. Continue to hold until the volume and speed of the pulse balances. Learn more at and the point in this way often increases a woman’s pleasure, no matter what sexual activity she then engages in, as long as she feels secure, trusting, and intimate. Explore holding the clitoris lightly, keeping your fingers still. Encourage your partner to breathe deeply and to move freely against your fingers in ways most pleasurable to her. This also enables you to know what areas, angles, pressures, and movements are most arousing for her. After a while, you both may want to have intercourse. Simply ask her. If words seem unnecessary, go with your intuition. Enjoy each moment, communicating your love through the quality of your touch. AROUSING A WOMAN Women relate intimacy to the heart or the soul more than to the brain or the genitals, although when true sexual intimacy does occur, sexual passion is its by—pr0duct. This seems to be true in all areas, not just sex. With your fingertips, feel for the slight indentations in the sacral bone, while slow dancing or making love. If your partner is lying on her belly, stimulate these arousal points with the palms of your hands by leaning some of your body weight over your palms. Stimulating these points is excellent both during foreplay and while giving your lover a massage. Pressing them can greatly heighten a woman’s pleasure during both intercourse and oral sex. Before you begin, wash your partner’s hands and feet with soap and water. Be sure your nails are short and filed smooth without any sharp edges; if your nails are long, be careful to use only the pads of your fingers. Stimulate each of the following arousal points for 1 or 2 minutes, spending longer on the areas your partner particularly enjoys. Your partner is lying down on her back, with her legs comfortably spread apart. Sit on a pillow at your partner’s head as your partner lies on his or her back. 1. Massage the Shoulders. Place your hands on your partner’s shoulders. Sen- sually move your hands in slow motion, kneading any tension out of the shoul- der muscles as you press points GB 21 and TW 15. 2. Ease Your Partner’s Mental Stress. Place your fingertips on the Gates of Consciousness point (GB 20), under- neath the base of your partner’s skull on both sides. Fit your fingertips into the indentations underneath the skull, allowing the weight of your partner’s head to rest on your fingertips. As you hold these points, gradually pull the head outward to apply traction, and hold for 2 minutes or until you feel a pulsation on both sides. Then bring your middle fingers into the center of the base of the skull, and press Wind Mansion (CV 16), giving the neck traction. Learn more at