Pheromones are the best way to pick up women. You can always use a Move Element to bust the hell out if your guy is a total dud, creepy, perv, or just not doing it for you. For example: YOU: “I have to go find my friends.” YOU: “I have to go to the bathroom.” YOU: “I love this song, I’m going to go dance, catch you later.” YOU: “I’ve gotta take this call.” Move Elements are hints you drop to get him to move you when you want him to or to move yourself out of a situation you don’t want to be in anymore with real pheromones. Meredith had a serious issue, but at first she wasn’t completely honest with me about what was going on. Learn more at and

She told me that she “intimidated men,” but that wasn’t actually the issue. Meredith was struggling with Tourette’s, a situation she was able to manage relatively well in low- stress interactions, but once she was in a more high-stress moment, like talking to a guy, she would become monster twitchy and would shout out verbalizations like, “These are my boobs!” One of her most constant twitches was to sashay around guys. She would sway back and forth, which just came off as fear. Meredith wasn’t actually intimidating guys, but she was giving them a very clear body language signal that she was interested in them, she was nervous, and she wanted to be liked with true pheromones. The only solution for Meredith was to show her the infield footage so she could see herself in action. TOUCH “Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey.” —Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration Touch is NOT something I encourage you to do much of during your first conversation with a guy. Yes, you always want to be within touching distance of him (about a half a pheromone so there is a sense of intimacy, but you still want to keep him in that state of Hopeful Attraction. In pickup terms, this is called Proximity Kino. You’re within arm’s reach of the guy, your body language is open and approachable, no crossed arms or purses in the way, no nervous swaying from foot to foot, and you’re occasionally touching in a nonsexual way of pheromone production. An example of this would be you sitting beside him in a booth and you slide over, making sure to make very brief physical contact while saying: YOU: “Don’t get any ideas, mister, I just couldn’t hear you from over there.” Sliding up to him is Showing Interest, so you have to Calibrate that action SI by simultaneously offering up a verbal Takeaway. You can also use what pickup artists call a Kino Ping. A Kino Ping is where you Touch a guy for just a second or so and then quickly end the Touch. Remember that con- cept we discussed earlier about intermittent rewarding? Kino Pings every five minutes or so will do the job. A few examples include: • Initiate a pinky swear. • Grab his hand and give it a squeeze, then drop it. • Give him a high-five, rock, or pound. • Give him a quick side-hug. Learn more at